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Want to use diamond saw blade longer? You have to know 5 factors!

When we buy a diamond saw blade, we hope the blade can be used as long as possible, below are 5 factors affect the life of diamond saw blade. Diamond Grit Diamond Grit Size, normal diamond grit size ranges from 30/35#-60/80#. The harder material, the finer diamond grit should be used. The big diameter blade [...]

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Is diamond concentration the higher the better?

When we say a diamond saw blade is good or bad, normally we consider the cutting efficiency and life of the blade. The blade segment is composed of diamond and metal bond. As the main function of metal bond is to hold the diamond. So, the diamond grit size and concentration ratio affect the cutting [...]

By | June 3rd, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

How to define green concrete and cured concrete?

he “age”, or length of curing time, greatly affects how the diamond saw blade performs on cutting concrete. Before choose the right diamond blades, it is important to know something about the curing of concrete. The “state” of concrete from initial pouring to a period of 72 hours and over can be divided into 3 [...]

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How to classify the concrete hardness

How to classify concrete hardness? Before choosing the diamond tools, it is essential to know the hardness of concrete The hardness of concrete is referenced by its compressive strength measured in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI). Cured concrete slabs vary widely in compressive strength; with moisture, temperature, design of mixture additives, cementitious materials and curing [...]

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What is the difference between the silencer blade and low noise blade?

 What is the difference between the silencer blade and low noise blade?   Noise will be a problem if the cutting job is carried out inside the residential area. There is higher percentage you will receive complaint. If there is a blade can lower the noise, that will be great help. There do have supplier [...]

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Is Arix Diamond Blade Cutting Faster than Normal Diamond Saw Blade?

Is Arix diamond blade cutting faster than the normal diamond saw blade? Most of people would say “yes”. However, this reply is not 100% correct. Sometimes the Arix diamond blade may cut slower than the normal diamond saw blade. There are several factors affect the cutting speed of the Arix diamond blade: Diamond density No [...]

By | January 7th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Bonds and Matrics of Diamond Blade

Diamond blade bonds, sometimes known as matrices, are central to the diamond blade’s performance. Many diamond blade performance secrets lie in this high tech area. Some diamond blade manufacturers develop their bonds in house, others buy bonds from bond manufacturers, others use bonds under license, and some combine all three. To perform well, a bond [...]

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9 Normal problems in using diamond saw blade

During the process of using diamond saw blade, there are always some problems will occur, some are the defect of the blades, some are caused by the improper use. Below are 9 normal problems caused by the improper use of blade, but not the responsibility of the diamond blade manufacturer. 1.SEGMENT LOSS CAUSE: [...]

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How to cut asphalt properly

Cutting asphalt is easier than cutting cured concrete but diamond blade selection is important if long life is to be achieved. Asphalt is generally relatively soft. Asphalt cutting can be tricky, not because it is hard to cut, but because it is too easy. Asphalt is composed of more than 90% aggregates and a petroleum [...]

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How to choose the right diamond blade

Before you are looking to buy a diamond blade, it is necessary for you to take some time to reserch various options, as choosing the wrong one could result in decreased efficiency, increased cost and project downtime. Choosing the right blade will make the process of cutting material smoother and safer as well as provide [...]

By | September 20th, 2016|Blog|2 Comments