Is Arix diamond blade cutting faster than the normal diamond saw blade? Most of people would say “yes”. However, this reply is not 100% correct. Sometimes the Arix diamond blade may cut slower than the normal diamond saw blade. There are several factors affect the cutting speed of the Arix diamond blade:

Diamond density

No matter the arix diamond blade or the normal diamond saw blade, the higher diamond density, the slower cutting speed. So, the cutting speed will be slower if the diamond density is too high, even though the blade has Arix segment.

Lateral Spacing between diamonds

In order to get fast cutting speed, the lateral spacing of diamonds should be set properly. If the spacing is too big, the blade life will be shorter; Too small, the cutting speed will slow down.

Vertical Spacing between Diamonds

The vertical spacing of diamonds is in relation to the sharpening of diamonds. If the vertical spacing is too big, the first layer of diamond has been wore out, but the following layer of diamond hasn’t come out yet. Thus, the cutting process will not be smooth and consistent. The operator needs to sharpen the blade from time to time.

The strength of the Arix diamond blade

The diamonds are random distributed on the normal diamond saw blade, some areas have high density, while other areas have lower density. This situation results in the uneven ware out on diamonds. At the high diamond density area, diamond can’t be sharpened effectively, while at the low density area, too much wear out on the bond, the diamonds will drop out easily.

The Arix diamond blade well solved this problem, the diamonds are distributed evenly, every diamond has almost the same rate of wear out.

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